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Welcome Back!

Updates of the Videos and Presentations from the Summit will be added by the end of this month as we continue to process them.  We look forward to you joining us virtually LIVE or at the upcoming Virtual Lean Summit on September 19th .

Global Lean Summit:

Track 1:

Track 2:

Keynote Sessions

DAY 1:

Ritsuo Shingo Tribute: Enjoy these previous two Virtual Lean Summit sessions

DAY 2:

Virtual Keynote: Why is ‘Fake Lean’ so Common and ‘Real Lean’ so Rare?

– Bob Emiliani

Dinner Keynote: Joyful Journeys – Unleashing the Power of Joy in Continuous Improvement – Tracy O’Rourke

DAY 3:

Keynote: Lean Leadership – Max Brown


As a special bonus, please enjoy these sessions from the 2021 & 2022 Virtual Lean Summits: